Clueless Party Game – Ugh as if! Edition – Board Game for Adults

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  • THE NOSTALGIA IS REAL! This party game is all about friendships, fashion, and most importantly, all things Clueless! Relive your favorite Clueless moments, answer personal questions, and bond with friends along the way.
  • SCORE A PERFECT REPORT CARD. Picture this: You’re Cher and you just received your report card. And your grades…they’re not great. Each mini-game is a chance for you to upgrade your current grade to an A+, or it’ll leave you totally buggin’. The first person to complete all 6 mini games wins!
  • SPIN DOWN MEMORY LANE! Each mini game takes place at an iconic Clueless location: Driver’s Test (The Freeway), Life or Death (The Mall), Mis-Match (Cher’s Closet), Party Questions (The Valley Party), Can I Donate This? (Pismo Beach), and Debate Class (The High School).
  • GIRLS NIGHT IN! The Clueless Party Game – Ugh as if! Edition is best suited for 3-6 players, so gather your friends and get ready for a fun night in! Could there be a better activity for girls’ night? Ugh, AS IF!
  • GAME INCLUDES: 6 Mini Games (300 cards), 1 Report Card Notepad, 6 Car Pawns, 1 Game Board, 1 Fluffy Pen, 1 Dice, 1 Timer, 1 Debate Token. Fun for ages 17+.


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