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April Mitchell is an inventor and designer specializing in housewares, novelty, party, and toys & games. On her YouTube channel, she shares tips on turning your ideas into reality and getting them into retail spaces. With her teaching background and experience as a mom of 4, April knows how to balance a busy schedule while pursuing her passion.

If you’re ready to bring your product ideas to life, head to April’s YouTube channel now for valuable insights and inspiration!

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April Mitchell Talks About Inventing And Licensing Her Products

April was another inventor who invented a product to solve an issue that she herself was having. By her own admission, she probably put too much time and money into her first invention but her subsequent products, along with her involvement with inventRight taught her how to license her ideas.

April Mitchell - Military Spouse, Inventor, Owner of 4A's Creations LLC

Inventions One or her more recent inventions is the Right Height adjustable over the door hook. Again this was a result of landing in a house that didn’t have many closets, and the door hooks were too high for her children to reach. It is available in major retailer and provides easy access to the whole family. She is now a two-time patent holder.

inventRight Coach April Mitchell Licensed Another Product!

April has licensed two products in the housewares space. A couple of years ago, she decided that she wanted to get into the toy and game industry and fast-forward to now — with hard work, open-mindedness, and persistence, she got it done!

Inventor Struggles, Mindset And Fixes - Advice from inventRight coach April Mitchell

inventRight Coach April Mitchell shows you how to stay focused on working on your invention. It might not sound exciting or creative, but time management and staying organized will mean the difference between success and failure when you are licensing your products.

Eating Crow Episode 17: April Mitchell

Learn how April outsources her weaknesses. Be where your customers are. April’s Eating Crow Moments:

Her first licensing deal did not go as planned. At some point, you need to take care of yourself. After some challenges, they stepped back and rebuilt their family’s health foundation and amazing things happened.

Military Mom Keeps Kids Towels off the Floor - April Mitchell

April Mitchell soon became a busy mom of 4. She invented the Towel Belt to keep towels off the floor during potty training and Right Height – an adjustable, over-the-door hook.

Today, as a full-time inventor, she coaches other inventors.

April shares her knowledge in inventing and designing by being guest speaker on InventRightTV, America’s Inventors Group, and more.


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Frequently asked Questions

What Does April Invent and or Design?

April invents and designs new products in several categories. Some products solve a problem, while others are just for fun! She develops new products where she sees a need whether in the housewares industry, novelty, party, pet, fishing, or toys & games industries. Other times companies hire April to develop a product for a need they have. She is open to working with new companies.

Can April Come Speak at My Event?

April loves speaking to groups about various topics via a video webinar/seminar or live in person. Please contact her and let her know what you are looking for along with the dates and location and she will work it out with you.

What are Some of the Products April has Invented or Designed?

You can check out her Welcome video at the top of the page to see what products April has worked on. As new products come out, they are added to the video.

Where Can I Purchase April’s Products?

Click on the Shop button to see available products and where to purchase them.

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