‘The Documented Life Of An Inventor’ Provides Weekly Insight, Offers Tips, Shares Highs And Lows By April Mitchell

WHAT DO inventors really do all day? Do they just sit around thinking things up or have fun working on prototypes? Boy, do I wish that were so! There are so many things that professional inventors do day to day and week to week, but one thing is certain: No two days or weeks look exactly the same. Some things occur almost every week once you reach a certain level—working on new concepts, setting up pitch meetings and following up on previous pitch meetings—but there are also exciting and gutwrenching surprises. Often there are big decisions to be made, new products to work on, samples to send out, and deals in process. The plan for the day or week can quickly take a turn as items of more priority come up and need attention. Certain products may move to the back burner while new concepts with current interest take the week’s spotlight

Set schedule? Hah!
I am often asked about my day to day or week to week as an inventor. People want to know what sets apart successful inventors: How do we continually sign new licensing agreements? Is there a secret strategy? I cannot speak for other professional inventors.
But I can guarantee that showing up, continually working on new products, seeing concepts all the way through (not stopping after a handful of “Nos”), and staying positive play a huge part in what I do.
I do not have a set schedule. Everything I do differs daily, though the main goal remains the same—to work on more new products and get more products into the world for retail.
To help give a glimpse into my week to week as a professional inventor, I started doing a weekly recap video that I titled “The Documented Life of an Inventor.”
Within this recap, I give a tip or information that relates to my weekly happenings that will hopefully help other inventors in their journey. Topics include sending follow-up emails, discussing licensing agreements, sending product samples, reworking old concepts to become new again, and when licensing agreements are terminated. Some things to know about these videos:
• I will not name companies.
• I will only name products if I am showing one of mine that just hit product shelves. I may also show prototypes of a product once it hits retail.
• The videos are not in chronological order for a reason but do start around the last big holiday season

The journey from all sides
Inventing is often glamorized, showing only the exciting parts of inventing or licensing. In these videos, I share my journey and all that it encompasses—the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. I invite you to follow my journey. I hope you enjoy it and gain some new knowledge from it!