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April Mitchell– Award-winning Inventor, Designer, Educator, Speaker–invents products in various industries for license. She also does Design for Hire work and is open to working with new companies she has not worked with before!

About April

military spouse, mom of four

April is an inventor/designer and product licensing expert who uses her background as an educator, military spouse, and the “Mom of 4 Factor” for developing and designing products in several industries with some help from her TEAM (family of 6).

Most influential in the Industry Award for Mojo Nation

About April’s Products

award-winning Inventor and Designer

As a teacher at heart, she has a thirst to share her experiences and expertise, which has driven her to work as a product licensing coach at inventRight and teach The Tabletop Board Game Master Class with Ed Gartin to aspiring game inventors. She also speaks on podcasts, webinars, and classes about all things inventing, mindset, and emotional health. April also writes a monthly column in Inventor’s Digest Magazine called Meant to Invent. Some guest speaking engagements include Inventors Groups of America, Military Spouse, USO Camp Pendleton, Inventorcon, and various regional inventors’ groups.

How April Got Started

Educator, Speaker, and Writer

April came from a family of inventors and problem solvers.

Growing up, April remembers that her father was always creating new things, be it tools for his trade or fishing. Inventing runs in her family, actually; her grandfather received several patents for his inventions, and her great-grandfather was an inventor as well. She was taught a valuable life-long lesson of “If you don’t have something you can create it yourself”.

While studying to become a teacher, April began using her creativity to design her own games and interactive activities for her classroom. She then created new games for her 4 children to help assist with learning. Then she invented her first product that solved a problem and licensed her patented device that prevents towels from slipping off towel bars and onto the bathroom floor. (It did not make it to market and is still available for licensing.) She found success with her next product idea, the Right Height Adjustable Heights Over-the-Door Hook which was licensed and is currently available for retail. Since then, she has licensed products in several industries including novelty, party, and toy & game. She specializes in the toy and game industry and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the inventing and the industry with others.


April As an Educator

April has helped countless people realize their dreams of becoming inventors by coaching them t through the one-on-one process. From teaching a Game Design 101 course to middle schoolers to co-teaching a Table Top Board Game Master Class with Ed Gartin, April is an expert in her field and loves nothing more than guiding others through the invention process.

If you want some guidance from April, check out her monthly column in Inventers Digest called Meant To Invent where she shares her knowledge of the industry. Or sign up for one of her webinars or workshops and learn from her!

Speaking Engagements

April As a Speaker

With a wealth of knowledge on inventing and entrepreneurship, April provides actionable advice to her audience so they can learn from her experiences as an entrepreneur and inventor.

She focuses on topics such as The Inventing process- from Idea to Licensing Deal, Game Design 101, Pitching like a Pro, What it takes to be a Successful Inventor, Having the Right Mindset and Tools for the Industry, Overcoming Emotions and Obstacles to Follow Your Dream, Personal Growth & Development for Product Development, Using Natural Health & Essential Oils to Help Overcome Your Battles.

Are you searching for an inspirational speaker to energize and motivate your class, inventors group, or at your workshop? Then April is a perfect choice!

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“April’s kindness and professionalism in helping inventors bar none. She is caring, kind, and patient and has a great understanding of how the licensing world works. I’ve collaborated with April on many projects and she is a delight to work with. “

Dana Knowles, Speaker and Product Developer


“After listening to April, I learned how to properly pitch my product. April’s giving spirit is so genuine you just can’t compete with her, because she wants you to win too and if you listen and do, you will win.”

Robert Wesley, Founder and President of Draft Day Dice, LLC


“April Mitchell is a truly unique professional. Her ability to implement and leverage information is uncanny!! Her willingness to not only test, learn from mistakes and turn them around, but then help others learn by sharing her experiences in a light-hearted way is a breath of fresh air.

She is an infectiously fun, positive, and loyal creative who is an extraordinary ambassador for the inventing community. Having professional inventors like April out there will undoubtedly help keep companies’ open innovation doors open to others.

If you have the opportunity to work with April, take it. She’s a team player who always brings value.”

Benjamin Harrison, Open Innovation Product Developer


Frequently  Asked Questions

What Does April Invent and or Design?

April invents and designs new products in several categories. Some products solve a problem, while others are just for fun! She develops new products where she sees a need whether the housewares industry, novelty, party, pet, fishing, or toys & games industries. Other times companies hire April to develop a product for a need they have. She is open to working with new companies.

Can April Come Speak at My Event?

April loves speaking to groups about various topics via a video webinar/seminar or live in person. Please contact her and let her know what you are looking for along with the dates and location and she will work it out with you.

What is the Best Way to Contact April?

The best way to contact April is through email. Through email she will set up a call or video meeting with you if needed. 

What are Some of the Products April has Invented or Designed?

You can check out her Welcome video at the top of the page to see what products April has worked on. As new products come out, they are added to the video.

Where Can I Purchase April’s Products?

Click on Buy April’s Products button to see available products and where to purchase them.

The Table Top Game Design MasterClass

This Will Be Your Only Opportunity to Work with April & Ed This Year!

During this 8-Week course, you’ll meet twice weekly with Ed And April as they share steps, knowledge, tools, and resources, to be a successful game designer. After the course is complete, you’ll have the skills you need to IDEATE, CREATE and PITCH YOUR GAMES directly to game companies in the industry.

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Monthly Column at Inventors Digest

Inventor Makes Small Business A Family Affair

Inventor Makes Small Business A Family Affair

Marine spouse April Mitchell has a message for everyone — and fellow mothers in particular: don’t discount the power of your creative ideas, because they can turn into a fulfilling enterprise. The mother of four and owner of 4A’s Creations, LLC, has invented and...

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